Season 10 / 11

Ricardo Roy - Photography, video

14.4.11 - 20.5.11

"Expulsion". The first step of Ricardo Roy's work is the "shooting" of a model. He sets up a contrasted lighting in no way conventional and so challenges, he says, "his ability to foresee the outcome", meaning the photograph. Roy collects all the evidences and then creates a digital collage which he likes to call a "puzzle", as if there were an "original" image he is to re-assemble. Guest curator: Yonathan Touitou

Sarah Nina Meridor- Painting

14.4.11 - 20.5.11

New Works. Meridor's art crosses two traditions - the one transmitted by the Old Masters and the one known as Abstract Expressionism. Spiritual by meaning, both are united and eventually superseded by her unique technique, her sensitivity for light and darkness, and a deep understanding of time and movement.

Amir Tomashov - Architecture, drawing

5.3.11 – 2.4.11

"The Fifth Horsemen" - The works of Tomashov, writes Yaacov Chefetz, "seem to start at the end of a process of destruction, of unrestricted confusion, with no clear rules, where up and down and the built logical order have disappeared, where the gravity force has moved away from all things". Utopia meets Apocalypse - but Tomashov's technique is sharp and poetic, merging high-tech, architecture and craft into dreamy objects of art.

Yaacov Chefetz - Drawing, performance

5.3.11 – 2.4.11

Combining drawing, performance and video art, veteran artist Yaacov Chefetz explores the fetishistic relationship between man and his weapon. The video extends Chefetz's performance and preparatory sketches, as the drawing hand of the artist is equally the hand that cleans the weapon, the hand that terrorizes, the hand that links between metaphoric and the tangible reality.

Bruce Waldman - Etching

6.1.11 - 18.2.11

“New York Types & Other Animals” - Leading USA print artist and teacher Bruce Waldman presents a selection of etchings, including several monotypes – a technique that requires far-reaching skills and an outstanding ability to link together head and hand. The art of Waldman deals with the human condition, where various characters interact with NY streets, and also animals of the jungle, like apes and rhinos – when both, animals and humans, share and reflect a common existential fate.

Liron Lupu - Painting

6.1.11 - 18.2.11

"Nevermore" - Liron Lupu presents an unexpected, exotic, "Pop Zionist" gallery of colorful portraits inspired by political figures and public events that have left their mark on collective and personal memory. Exhibiting a loud, disharmonious contrasted palette, the works interweave dream and nightmare, transporting us into a surreal world, a twilight zone of fragile identities, at once familiar and uncomfortable.

Ronen Sharabani - Drawing, sculpture

25.11.10 - 31.12.10

"Crowds" - With charcoal drawings and clay sculptures, Ronen Sharabani expresses the longing of the individual for a simultaneous experience of anonymity and intimacy. Movement, light and swiftness merge with density and  compressibility into a palette of darkness, Sharabani's art illustrates the individual being captured into the crowd while aspiring to consolidate his self through the catharsis of the "new".  Guest curator: Marie Chek.

Raffael & Tai Lomas - Sculpture, photography

25.11.10 - 31.12.10

"Simultaneously"- Pursuing his intensive quest for destruction and reconstruction of industrial leftovers into a new species, Raffael Lomas present a series of sculptures made of ancient wooden chairs and motion. The triptych color photographs of his fathers' work by Tai Lomas widen the kinetic experience of the viewer: by allowing us to see the objects from various angles, they catch their invisible dimension.

Presently Speaking - Israeli Outsider Art

7.10.10 - 20.11.10

"Presently Speaking" - a group exhibition of painting, drawing and sculpture, bringing together formally educated artists, self taught artists and artists working in the protected workshops of Akim (the National Association for the Habilitation of the Mentally Handicapped in Israel). Artists: David Isaacs,Dan Allon, Mirele B., Odelia Gal, Denis Dukhano, Zvi Tolkovsky, Liron Lupu, Genady Zechmaister, Oren Shmuelevitch and Nirit Sharafi.

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