Season 12 / 13

Noa Arbel - DIS/APPEAR

01.09.12 - 18.10.12

As in her first solo exhibition in 2008 ("Splendor of Night", also at Kayma Gallery), Noa paints the city of Tel Aviv. But rather than the derelict industrial buildings of the Southern area, it is now the “White City” that attracts her eye, and the green masses of trees springing up between its Bauhaus and high-rise urban fabric. Gloom has given place to dazzling light and darkness to bright colors. Still, the artist is struggling again and again with the same inexhaustible challenge: at which moment does form passes from the domain of the visible into the domain of the invisible – and the opposite?

Hamutal Fishman - Mythographics

18.10.12 - 1.12.12

The series MYTHOGRAPHICS is composed of seven ink and pencil large format drawings on paper. Initially inspired by poems of Rachel Perets, Hamutal Fishman began working on them in 2009. She has since gone on to create an intensive, mesmerizing series of compositions that draw the viewer into a rhythmic tangle of images, events, and allusions. Curator : Irena Gordon.

MuezzIn - Sigalit Landau, Yotam From, Tsahi Hacmon, Eyal Segal

13.12.12 - 26.1.13

Kayma Gallery and curator Marie Shek have invited Sigalit Landau together with three of her most talented assistant's - Yotam From, photography, Tsahi Hacmon, installation and Eyal Segal, video - for an exhibit revealing their work both as individuals and as a group. Meeting in the gallery space, the four are asked to reinterpret it as if they were owning the place, while the voice of a Muezzin resounds now and then in the air. The vulnerability of man is identical in all the works, as the four position themselves in a place of danger, examining spiritual and political issues of boundaries, incursion and invasion.

Asnaby- Maquillage

31.1.13 - 23.3.2

First exhibition of Asnaby in Israel, MAQUILLAGE presents large format paintings exploring the ambivalent power of the pink color.  "Pink disguises, says Asnaby, it covers up the way you see the world. Toxic pink deludes; lethal pink spreads out, insinuates, consumes". Artist of substance and motion, Asnaby  leaves us alone with the mystery of the world - that "something" that is waiting, watching over, that "something" one doesn't have a clue about.

Abraham Kritzman- Walks with sticks and sounds like horses, putting stones on things

31.1.13 - 23.3.13

Abraham Kritzman’s exhibition starts along the pilgrimage route to Santiago de Compostela. His journey reflects the idea of Axis Mundi, which describes the meeting point between man and god. “As I came close to Santiago, the devotion and spiritual atmosphere around me changed into tourism (...) the ecstasy and its side effects were missing. Later on, when looking back, I realized I met them, during my journey.” Kritzman’s works are created from the appropriation of symbols taken from the pilgrimage and objects he encountered along the way, depriving them from their mystical content and function. Curator: Yael Ferber

Ronen Sharabani- Braiding Hearts

4.4.13 - 18.5.13

Ronen Sharabani draws a series of paintings depicting a braid of bodies, moving in harmony along a unified rhythm. Intertwining shoulder to shoulder, arm in arm, the figures draw a circle, a shape symbolizing more than any other the idea of the perfect community. Other paintings represent a group of children, their personal outlines blurred and their bodies fusing together so as to create a mass. The works of Sharabani are paintings of the mind, they examine the borderline between the power of the group sustaining and strengthening the individual and the power weakening and erasing him.  Curator: Tali Tamir

Ricardo Rojstaczer - Too dry indeed

"The organic rots and disappears. We watch this death each and every day, wishing to beat it so as to become immortal. Humanity relentlessly longs to resurrect the dead, to recycle, to touch the end of days where life is eternal. Childhood wallows in this illusion, surrounded by toys that will never rot. Ezekiel's vision of the dry bones is already here. Plastic contains the resurrection of the dead, or at least so we believe. Is this an illusion? Another fantasy? Another repression of the end? Maybe plastic is death itself… As in his earlier work, Ricardo Rojstaczer confronts the synthetic with the organic, the morbid children's fantasy with degeneration that is death" Eran Koblik Kedar

Liron Lupu- Heimat

Israeli artist Liron Lupu presents a new chapter in his pop-Zionist saga, with a series of pseudo-realistic paintings epitomizing the history and geography of Israel and the territories beyond the green line. The human and spatial landscape of the West Bank becomes the subject of an in-depth research, the artist acting as a doctoral student collecting and analyzing disturbing facts and phenomena.

Michal Zehavi- Forest Keeper

Between chaos and order, turmoil and reason, Michal Zehavi’s installation “Forest Keepers” invents a world in miniature. It is a world dealing with questions related to the spirit of human creativity, as embodied by stories about mythical animals in different cultures, questions of sustainability and responsibility of humans towards nature, questions that arise from concern about the growing extinction of forests and the subsequent disappearance of animals from land and sea. Curator: Varda Genossar

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