An Anti-conformist Gallery
Founded in April 2008 by Belgian/Israelis Philippe and Mireille Brandes, Kayma is an independent, anti-conformist gallery for contemporary art. It welcomes formally educated, self-taught and outsider artists alike, whose singular creativity challenges rational understanding and preconceived ideas. Questioning the complex relationships between visual arts, literature and the urban, Kayma advocates imagination, passion, skill, tradition and innovation.

Sustainable Art
The name of the Gallery is derived from the Aramaic/Hebrew Bar Kayma, which literally means "bearing life, existence, survival". This concept has become central to the sustainable development of planet Earth, for present and future generations. What about sustainability in contemporary art? Can it become an active force of the creative process? Is Sustainable Art simultaneously historic, contemporary, futuristic and ultimately, classic? Artworks promoted by Kayma pursue inexhaustibility. Opening the heart and the mind, they eventually become more relevant with time.

In Israel
Located in the mixed Jewish-Arab urban district of Jaffa, at the heart of a country in permanent turmoil, Kayma Gallery portrays its philosophy by means of its logo: a calligraphic character connecting together Hebrew, Arabic and Latin alphabets into one symbol. 

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